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Color Selection

Color Selection The air we breathe indoors is three times more polluted than the outdoor air, and considered to be more hazards to our health according to the EPA. Interior paints and finishes are among the leading causes to our unhealthy indoor air. We spend so much time indoors that its worth investing in green paint.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are toxic emissions that are released into indoor air through paint and finishes, sometimes for years after they were applied. The good news is that new environmental regulations, and consumer interest in green building, have led to the development of low-VOC and zero-VOC paints and finishes. Most of the paint manufacturers have stepped up to the task and produce a variety of low or zero-VOC paint. These new paints are durable, cost-effective and less harmful to the health of our family and environment.

environmentally safe paint
We all should take extra measures to ensure your painting project is an environmentally safe experience. So we recomment Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams Green products with low or zero-VOC. Their green promise and green sure logos assures us that our brush stroke will spread new colors without impacting the environment. Optimal green coating minimize the impact on the environment and deliver the maximum performance.

premier interior paints Benjamin Moore has a new line of zero-VOC premier interior paints called Natura, that are durable and fast-drying. These come in variety of colors and vertually odorless. They have maximum performance, long term durability and are designed and manufactured taking steps to reduce environment impact and to meet or exceed the most stringent regulatory requirment.

Painting in New Jersey Sherwin Williams have several eco-friendly products sold under their GreenSure Initiative - their commitment to providing products that reduce the impact on the environment. Their Duration brand home interior latex paint is low in VOCs, mildew resistant, and cleans up easily.

Color Selection

If you want to dramatically transform the look of your valuable property the quickest and most effective way is with paint. However the huge choice of colors and painted effects may leave you agonizing over the simple decisions. Fan deck is a useful and easy tool to browse the color, On request color samples can be provided so that you can see the color on actual surface. Adding color to your place is the best way to unlock arcitectural hidden potential. A well chosen selection of contrasting trim and accent colors can draw attention to details and disguise flaws.

Color Intensity, Environment, time of day and lighting (both natural and artificial) can overall affect the appearance of your place because it affects the way we perceive a particular hue.

Some Helpful Tips

  • Exterior color selection is influenced by brick and roof color, try to pick the color that complement the environment around you.
  • Two most reflective surfaces in the room are ceiling and floor. White ceiling and polished floors are like giant reflectors.
  • Texture and finish and so can the varying light conditions impact the perception of color and create visual interest.
  • If the room is too dark, too light, too small, too large careful color choices and correct the balance.
  • Painting the walls and ceiling with the same color can visually increase the size of the room, because the eyes see no boundary they perceive a larger space.
  • Nothing shows a shadow better than white so if you have damaged uneven walls, painting them with white will allow you to see every little flaw so darker color is a better choice.
  • The key thing to bear in mind that dark or warm hues seem to warm towards us while lighter cooler colors appear to recede.
  • Select a unique palatte that reflects your preference and personal trait while adding interest, value and curb appeal to your valuable property.