Color Selection

The first thing we notice about a building is its appearance which is reflected by its color, so color selection for house painting is a vital step in turning your place into a beautiful living reality.

Adding color to your place is the best way to unlock architectural hidden potential. A well chosen selection of contrasting trim and accent colors can draw attention to details and disguise flaws. We will help you choose the hues that will make your place come alive inside and out. Fan deck is a useful and easy tool to browse the colors. On request color samples can also be provided so that you can see the color on the actual surface.

Color Intensity, Environment, time of day and lighting (both natural and artificial) can overall affect the appearance of your place because it affects the way we perceive a particular hue.

  • Exterior color selection is influenced by brick and roof color.
  • Painting the walls and ceiling with the same color can visually increase the size of the room, because the eyes see no boundary they perceive a larger space.
  • Painting the ceiling with the light color can visually increase the height of the room.
  • Warm colors can make the room more cozy. Light colors make the room look more spacious.
  • Use contrasting colors to focus your eyes on some architectural details such as a fire place, a mantel or front door.

Color selection can become more difficult when it comes to choosing color for your home. Select a unique palatte that reflects your preference and personality while adding interest, value and curb appeal keeping in mind the latest trend and style in color.